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About Us

We started with the idea of reaching out to the incredible artists across India, our artisans. The more we explored the more we uncovered the unseen treasures of their exquisite artistry. And now we bring this artistry to you. 

Why are we called The Palkhi?

Palkhi is a 1000 year old tradition in the Maharastrian culture in India. It is a sign of social respect and is significant because of the coming together of society. The Palkhi symbolizes the transcending nature of cultures, traditions, arts and social joy. We at The Palkhi do just that by bringing the culture of India to one place for anyone and everyone. 

With The Palkhi we plan to create a symphony of colours and art that can be delivered to your doorstep. It is a female led startup aiming to push the boundaries and break the norm. 



+91 87883 98974



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