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Budget Gifting Ideas for any Occasion

Find the best gifts during this festive season while sticking to your budget

By: Aditi Iyer

With the gifting season upon us, we often scramble to find the best gift for everyone around us. But a problem we face is the possible pinch that gift-giving could give our wallets. We often look to find exclusive and unique gifts, purchasing (not one but multiple) gifts that are way beyond the budget we envisioned. How do we keep this in check? Here are a few gift suggestions by The Palkhi, where we’ll help you find the best gift at the best price for your family, friends, partners and co-workers.

The Palkhi sources its products from local artisans around the country, so you just may stumble onto a product that would surely put a smile on someone’s face. With a wide range of products, you can get beautiful, specially handcrafted pieces at an affordable price for your gift-giving endeavours.

Under 100

Brighten up your loved ones’ homes and days with tiny, beautiful trinkets like tealights, stationery, pins and miniature storage boxes, all for under 100 rupees.

Under 200

The Palkhi’s collection has numerous products on display that come under 200. Whether you’re looking for an organizer, a keychain that doubles as a mirror, or even a hand-carved wooden bookmark, you’ll find the perfect gift.

Under 300

The Palkhi has unique products made with unique art forms like blue pottery and would add a delightful flair to your household. In contrast, you only have a few notes in your wallet.

Under 400

Beautiful bangles, keyholders and coasters all handmade and under 400? It seems too good to be true, but The Palkhi is here to make that reality with these vibrant handicrafts.

Under 500

Want to buy a bit of home decor that adds elegance to a loved one’s home? Don’t look further. We’ve got your back- salt and pepper shakers, food trays, a fun phone stand, and many more lovely items.

The Palkhi has plenty of reasonably priced products as we look to support local artisans. Through lower price markups, we can help bring a touch of handicrafts into the mainstream market in people’s homes and living spaces. Delight your loved ones with a dash of tradition and culture while supporting your local artisans and adhering to your budget this festive season with The Palkhi, from artisan to customer.

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