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The Handicrafts Store

Artisan to Citizen

We, at The Palkhi, bring you India handicrafts from all over India. These handicrafts are made by artisans from various states. We bring you handmade home décor, kitchen décor, spiritual products, handmade jewelry and much more.

Explore India, its unseen culture and art with us.

High quality Hand Painted wooden Pencils handcrafted by skilled artisans from Uttar Pradesh, India
Artistic Wooden Photo Frame featuring colourful designs and intricate carvings. Unique HandPainted Photoframe is a great of home decor idea.
Hand Painted Chair shaped mobile stand adorned with vibrant hand painted designs.
Vibrant and Durable Handmade Tea Cup Holder Stand with perfectly fittting glass cups enhancing the everyday cutting chai ritual.
A beautiful and authentic Dhokra 3 inch showpiece projecting tribal figures handcrafted in high quality shiny golden metal by the artisans of West Bengal.

Our Collections

Every state in India beholds a different story and culture. Discover the culture and art forms of a few states of diverse India.

State Collections
State Collections
Collections (1)

Explore the Story of
Artist Rajeshwari Karle


The Palkhi Story

The story of Palkhi runs as deep as the excellence of Indian artisans. What started as a discussion regarding artefacts between like minded people today has turned into a passion under the name of The Palkhi.

Beautiful Bamboo Stick Decoration enhacing the look of the Garden coming all the way from Chattisgarh
Gond Art painting handpainted by an Indian Tribal artisan by using variety of patterns and colour combinations.


Our artisans have a deep understanding and appreciation of the materials they work with. They also incorporate cultural or historical elements into their designs, creating items that are not only beautiful but also meaningful.

A West Bengal Pattachitra Indian artisan painting a vase by using bold lines, colours and strokes made by using acrylic paints.

About our studio

You can have a look at all the handicraft products at our studio in Pune. You can get in touch with us through our website as well. For more details, click here below.

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