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Gifting Ideas with The Palkhi

Give your loved ones a unique gift this festive season

By: Aditi Iyer

Diwali comes with a plethora of celebrations and gift giving all around- picking a suitable gift becomes everyone’s priority when meeting loved ones. People wish to express their emotions through their gifts, so the gifts themselves should be special and unique. But taking the time to pick every gift may be challenging, especially if you have a time restriction- but fear not, The Palkhi is here to help you pick the gifts your loved ones will adore.

The Palkhi has a wide collection of gifts for everyone around you. The products are crafted by local artisans using vibrant, colourful and intricate designs, steeped in the tradition and rich culture of various regions in India. Gifting for anyone, whether it is your close family member, a friend, an acquaintance or even a colleague, The Palkhi has got you covered. Toys for children, jewellery for mothers, agarbatti holders for your grandfathers, even the perfect tea light for the aunty-ji that lives next door, who always gave you sweets whenever you visited her.

A little home and kitchen decor may go a long way when gifting your parents. This pumpkin plant holder, made using Thuma, an artform from Chhattisgarh that uses hollowed out pumpkins and gourds to create pots and plant holders. Or you could go for this Soura painting, created on tussar silk by artisans in Odisha. It is a lovely addition to homes, with its intricate yet simple design.

For the grandparents, delight them with a quaint hand-shaped agarbatti holder, made with an art form known as Blue Pottery, from Rajasthan. You can also help them brighten up their homes with a hand-carved wooden light, made in Uttar Pradesh.

When gifting your colleagues or work acquaintances, you can’t go wrong with this handmade gemstone coaster set, using the lovely art form known as Bani Thani, practised by Rajasthani artisans. If they aren’t tea or coffee drinkers, you could always get them an interesting seahorse-shaped bottle opener from Chhattisgarh.

If you’re looking for a fun game set to gift your friends, they’d definitely enjoy this unique hand made Tic Tac Toe with birds. Made in Karnataka, the glossy finish is obtained by using ivory wood as the medium for crafting. If they’re more interested in storing their wines safely, this peacock wine bottle holder, made in Rajasthan, is the perfect gift- stylish, colourful and eye-catching.

For the little ones, we have beautifully crafted Channapatna toys and products straight from the heart of Karnataka in our collection. The hand made wooden oil tanker is a delightfully made toy, and is made of non-toxic, vegetable-based paints. This adorable wooden sharpener is a gift that the children will love to take to school and show off to their friends.

Our vision is to bring more traditional pieces made by local artisans into mainstream markets, helping people to appreciate the intricacies of handicrafts and their uniqueness, and enriching their homes and lives with these special products. Make this festive season a special one for you, your loved ones and for The Palkhi- crafted with love, from artisan to citizen.

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