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Traditional Handicrafts and Staying True to Our Roots

Finding the link between appreciating traditional handicrafts and connecting with our culture

By: Aditi Iyer

In contemporary society, people have strayed away from their cultural identities. The word ‘traditional’ has often been perceived as archaic, old-fashioned, and restrictive. A trend has been observed where people tend to shy away or even scorn our culture, under the impression that they are not ‘suitable.’

Globalization has helped make the world metaphorically fit in the palm of our hand, bringing various countries closer to each other than ever before. Along with the multiple merits it gets, however, it is making the people ignore the history of their ancestral heritage. People are captivated by the west and the behaviours they engage in and prefer to emulate these behaviours. Even in terms of art and culture, people are more knowledgeable about foreign art forms than traditional and local art forms.

On a more optimistic note, however, there has been a positive trend in accepting our traditional art forms. Eventually, people may incorporate them into their daily lives. Traditional art forms have their own stories- about the people, the way of living, and the cultural influences from the region. When we understand the art forms and their intricacies, we begin to discover how they are connected to the regional identities of the people and the culture they follow. When we understand something, we value it; then, we protect that thing and strive to learn more.

We can appreciate our culture by incorporating the handicrafts of local artisans in our homes. This helps us connect to our roots and protect the forms practised over centuries, standing the test of time. By choosing to opt for products made by local artisans, we can help ensure that these skills and crafts don’t die out and, in turn, encourage them. In an aesthetic sense, opting to use traditional home decor will help you create a home full of unique decor pieces with a rich story behind each of them.

When choosing decor for your home, you would want to create a safe and comfortable space for you and the people who visit. Your home should reflect yourself, your personality, where you are from, and who you ideally want to be. The importance of creating a home that reflects this is not emphasised enough. Putting up home decor that reflects our culture helps us create a link between us and our ancestral heritage while also giving your home a unique flair that won’t be found anywhere else.

Businesses like The Palkhi look to connect people to traditional art forms through its carefully curated collection. It aims to help introduce people to various art forms through vibrant, unique designs. The Palkhi sources its products from local artisans around the country. Every piece is uniquely crafted, incorporating art forms and skills with a long and rich history. Give your home a unique and culturally rich identity by supporting local artisans with The Palkhi, from artisan to customer.

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